About Me

Who Am I?

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My full name is Itara Uma Sumeros. I am blessed to walk the humanitarian path, and my gift is the ability to communicate with people with opposing minds. Remember that kid who was always the one to break up the schoolyard fight? That was me. But I didn’t understand why I had this gift until I became an adult.

My quest for understanding began when I was nine years old, with the question: “Why am I here on Earth?” I was a brown-skinned girl, becoming aware of the world and how people reacted to me. As I grew, people around me tried to convince me to adopt a view of the world I lived in as a box defined by superficial details. But internally, I knew this was not true. The world was defined by courage and fear.

So why was that? I found the first part of the answer when I began to study numerology or “divine mathematics.” I learned this is recognized as the first principle of metaphysics: numbers are the foundation of everything. The challenge was to look beneath the surface and tune out the noise of the obvious to understand the core issue that needed to be resolved.

That is what I see as the main challenge for the current injustice that brown-skinned people, particularly women, of America and the world face today. I continue to expand my understanding by studying the metaphysical and religious systems that flow from the spiritual world. But spiritual knowledge alone is not enough because we live in a physical world. Learning the practical, strategic, and technical systems that manage the material world is also vital to fulfilling the destiny of this lifetime. Where this journey has taken me so far has been very rewarding; now it’s time to connect with others, pool our resources, and expand the reach of our influence.

I invite you to join me on this quest, utilize my gathered resources and share your experiences on my Facebook page below.